Restoration of Historical Building in Buffalo Center

In 2008 the BC Historical Society purchased the old bank building on the corner of Main St. and Second Ave and began a restoration process. At that time, bricks were falling off the roof, the roof was leaking badly in many places, there was no water, heat or bathrooms in the building, and it had not really been in use for several years.

By 2011, through grants and fundraisers, the BC Historical Society had fixed the roof, stabilized the bricks, added electricity and heat, and cleaned the building.

Enough had been done to bring the building up to standards that allowed the Buffalo Center Community Development group to purchase it and add their own touches.

Since that time, new lighting and hardwood floors have been added, as well as a bathroom. It is now the office of the NICD and a place of pride on Main Street.

Inside old bank building, 19XX

The Buffalo Center Historical Society has used the old bank building for many events, including our Fall Favorites Cook-Off in October 2010. Click below for some highlights from that event.